The Ultimate Tone Up While You Breastfeed: Postpartum Eating and Workout Blueprint

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The Postpartum Cure Program: Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

    • Easy to follow, at-home exercise program that won’t take up your whole day.
    • Meals you can cook in under 15 minutes
    • How to make cooking healthy food easy and enjoyable, so that anyone can do it (especially busy moms)
    • Foolproof Bargain Grocery list
    • Meal Prep Instructions
    • Healthy snacks in under 5 min guide
    • How to eat delicious, healthy food, without following complicated systems
    • Fat Burning Workouts Proven to Burn More Fat

Total Value: $100's in savings per month on your groceries, personal trainer, and take less time than your current grocery shopping routine.
All for only: $49.99

Step-by-Step Breastfeeding Meal Plan for Weight loss While Increasing Milk Supply! Get all your postpartum healing process information in one spot!

This ​program includes the "Guide to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding" AND the"Ab + Pelvic Floor: 21-Day Restoration Program." This is a $50 VALUE that you'll receive at no additional cost. 

We know you'll see a difference so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee! Honestly, we can't think of a reason to wait any longer. Start your postpartum health journey with an expert and friend today! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Amanda Smith

"It wasn't easy but I definitely feel a lot better about myself. :) 5 Ibs makes a difference in the way I feel even if the pictures don't show it as much. I think I'll do this again in December too. It was a really good reset. Thank you!!"

Sarah Johnson

"Thank you so much for teaching me new eating Habits! I can see the changes in my hips and stomach. What has stuck the most is that my cravings are most likely my body asking for Nutrients! When I get a hungry my first thought is I need to supply my body with nutrients. I never thought this way prior to this detox.! Even though I had a few cheat items I really tired to keep it at a minimum and a tiny little sample instead of the full thing. The more I filled my body with nutrients the less cravings I had.”

Jennifer Jones

“Hi!!! Wanted to thank you for the two challenges you held. I didn't participate in either one. Guess I wasn't ready. But I'm on day 8 of following hour plan and I feel a whole lot better. I'm down 5 pounds. I'm able to have energy to workout finally and to do things that I've been eyeing for the past two weeks! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I didn't think I could live without dairy. Turns out I feel better with- out it t) u) (amy little one is feeling better too. She cries less. And all those carbs I thought i needed for my breast feeding hunger wasn't even the case. I'm adding healthy oils and I'm satisfied and my milk supply is not down at all. Anyways. hanks :) hope your pregnancy is going well”

Jessica Williams

"As far as counting calories, yes that was so helpful!... it was an eye opener...But your concept...was so helpful! I have lost 6lbs-yay!- and have 12 more to go! I am encouraged for sure because it is usually not until I’m done nursing that I’m able to lose weight. So I’m all in for hopefully the rest of my life-on clean eating like this and exercise! Thanks so much for your help!!"

Mallory Tess

I now weigh less than before I was pregnant! Seriously a HUGE thank you to @milkdustprotein and @thepostpartumcure for teaching me what foods are nutrient dense and are good for my breastfeeding body. At 6 months postpartum I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant with Pierce!" - @mallorytess