Pregnancy Health Program: Easy to follow exercise and eating program that won’t take up your whole day!

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Blueprint for Eating and Working Out Through Pregnancy

What's included in the program:

  1. How To Fight Cravings
  2. The Workout Plan For All Trimesters
  3. How To Strengthen The Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy
  4. Simple Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Food
  5. Meals you can cook in under 15 minutes
  6. Getting Fit for Labor
  7. Easy to follow, at-home exercise program that won’t take up your whole day
  8. Meals you can cook in under 15 minutes
  9. Meal Prep Instructions
This Belly-Only Pregnancy Fitness Program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after-baby. 

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I bought the Postpartum Cure after gaining 80lbs with my precious pregnancy. The weight was stuck, I felt like a stranger and a prisoner in my new body, and I was totally lost. Being a nutritionist myself, I’m more than familiar with how to eat healthy, but this much weight was so daunting, and I was nervous about maintaining milk supply. That program was just what I needed to kickstart my weight loss and help me overcome my postpartum body. I knew that if I ever got pregnant again, I’d run to buy the Belly Only program, and I did just that! I’m so hopeful and excited this time around to get ahead of my health so my recovery after birth is quicker and easier, and I can feel like myself again sooner than before. The program is simple and easy to follow, the recipes I’ve tried so far are all delicious, and it’s definitely something I can stick to and follow. My weight gain is definitely slower and steadier this time around, and I have so much more energy and fewer pregnancy symptoms than before! I recommend this program to ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to live their best, happiest, and healthiest pregnant life!

Mallory T

“If vou are pregnant or postpartum this is going to be awesome. I have been following this diet plan since just before having Pierce. I've eaten healthy with nutrient dense foods, lost baby weight and kept my milk supply up. All of which I miserably failed at on my own when I had Scarlett!”