Pregnancy Health Program: Belly-Only

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Guide to Clean Eating and Working Out While Pregnant | Belly-Only Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can come with the fear of gaining weight. Pregnancy can be more challenging when you gain more weight than anticipated because the extra weight often comes with more swelling, aches and pains, and less energy.

Luckily, you don't have to gain excess weight if you eat properly, move efficiently, and learn the tricks of moms like me who've had a few pregnancies to learn the ropes on keeping fit while pregnant.

The Belly-Only Pregnancy Fitness Program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after-baby. I created Belly-Only after many requests from mamas looking for a pregnancy-specific program.

Nutrition is key to this program. As a certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist, I studied the benefits of nutrition during pregnancy for both mamas and babies. To help you, I include simple ideas for healthy eating and yummy recipes to help you feel motivated. Due to cravings, a meal plan can be difficult to follow during pregnancy. Instead, I help you develop a flexible plan so you can stay on track.

Exercise is another key component of this program. I made a point to run and exercise regularly during my last pregnancy. I can say with 100% certainty that working out and staying active during this pregnancy made it my best. I walked miles with two toddlers in the stroller while pregnant with my third. I also ate as clean as I could and used simple tricks to keep swelling down, even in the heat of the summer.

Nonetheless, I wish I had this program during my three pregnancies because while I gained minimal weight during all three of my pregnancies and lost it all within a few months because of my diet, I didn't focus on the repair work my muscles needed to recover and heal! That is why I first created my postpartum program, The Postpartum Cure.

So that you can prepare for labor and heal quickly afterward, I include a specific workout program that is simple to follow, yet effective. This section includes three main strength workouts for each trimester, as well as some Diastasis Recti prevention and pelvic floor repair work you can do now.

We can do this together!